Sightseeing in Lhasa includes the Potala Palace, Jokang, Sera and Drepung Monasteries. Visiting Ganden Monastery will take a full day. In Gyantse and Shigatse, we will visit the Kumbum Monastery with its fine art work, the famous Tashilunpo Monastery, the former seat of Pan Chen Lamas. On the 8th day we begin our trekking to the East Everest Base Camp, the Kangshang Valley. This region is one of the most remote trekking destinations in central Tibet. The round trip walk of 8days to the Base Camp begins at Yuba. The Kang Shang Valley absolutely roars with the summer monsoon. The snow accumulates daily on the peak starts rumbling about noon and continues to fall noisily throughout most nights. Then we retrace to Yuba via the Langma La Pass and the Kharta River, from Tuba we drive to Zhangmu. 

Day Program Night
01 Fly to Lhasa 01
02-03 Sightseeing in Lhasa 02-03
04 Excursion to Ganden Monastery 04
05 Drive to Gyantse via Shalu Monastery 05
06 Sightseeing in Shigatse 06
07 Drive to Yuba.  07
08 Begin trek to Dhampu 08
09 Trek over Sheop-La Joksom. 09
10 Trek to Damshung 10
11 Trek to Path and Ringmo 11
12 Kangshung Glacier / Tso Nya / Tseju 12
13 Trek to Tso Zurima 13
14 Langma La to Kharta river 14
15 Retrace to Yuba 15
16 Drive to Zhangmu 16
17 Exit  

After a few days in Lhasa we take four wheel drive vehicles for visiting Tsetang via Samye Monastery, another day driving takes us to Tsome (Shora village) and from there we begin our trekking. It will take five days will to the Kulhakangri Base Camp. We will pass Tsemalang, andang, Basear, and also the Meshangla Pass, which is 5000 meter high. At the Base Camp you can see other high mountains on the side of Mt.Kulakangri. After two more days excursion around the Kulkangri BC, we drive to Gyantse and Shigatse to visit Kumbum and Tashilunpo Monasteries and then to Zhangmu via Shegar. We go to Kathmandu from the Boarder. 

Day Program Night
01 Fly to Lhasa 01
02-03 Sightseeing in Lhasa 02-03
04 Drive to Tsetang via Samye 04
05 Sightseeing in Tsetang 05
06 Drive to Tsome.(Shora Village)  06
07 Trek to Tsemalang 07
08 Trek to Meshang La.(500CM)  08
09 Trek to Mendang 09
10 Drive to Basear 10
11 Trek to Kulhakangri BC 11
12-13 Excursion to Kulhakangri BC. 12-13
14-15 Drive to Shigatse 14-15
16 Drive to Shegar 16
17 Drive to Zhangmu 17
18 Exit  

After three days sightseeing in Lhasa, we then drive Northeast to Reting Monastery . This famous Gelukpa complex that was originally a Kampa Monastery founded in the eleventh century by Dromton, the main disciple of the Indian religious scholar Atisha from Reting. After a few day trek to the Joktsola, we will take cars to Damshung. Which means the center of marsh, is a wind-blowing gathering of chang halls, shops. All of the residents here are herders. The walk to Namtso initially follows the road from Damshung. Most of the traffic consists of Yak herders and people on horseback. Camping at the edge of Lake Namtso you can have a good view of the Nianqingtangla Mountains, the sparkling water , and the varieties Birds of Lake Namtso. 

Day Program Night
01 Kathmandu to Lhasa by flight 01
02-03 Sightseeing in Lhasa 02-03
04 Drive to reting Monastery 04
05-08 Trek from Reting to Joktso La 05-08
09 Drive from Joktso la to Damshung 09
10-12 Trek from Damshung to Namtso 10-12
13 Camp at Namtso 13
14 Drive back Namtso to Lhasa 14
15 Exit by Air

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