Everest Base Camp Trek 
This itinerary includes a nine-day trek from Old Tingri on the Lhasa route, to the Everest Base Camp in the Rongbuk area, retracing the route followed by the early British expeditions to Everest in the 1920s. The route also follows a section of the Nangpa La Trade route between Tibet and Nepal. The trek will reach Rongbuk on the Seventh trek day and will have three days of optional hiking and exploration of the base camp area and the Rongbuk Glacier. From Rongbuk the expedition will drive to Lhasa, the capital of Tibet, to complete the cultural and historical aspects of your visit. From Lhasa you can either drive or fly back to Kathmandu, or on to Chengdu. 
Days :20-25

One can either walk or drive to the Everest Base Camp on the Rongbuk glacier. Coming from Tingri (one days drive from Zhangmu) it takes 4-5 days walking to reach Base Camp. Additional days are spent above or around Base Camp. Itineraries are given below for the 9 & 16 day treks, the second of which also visits Lhasa.

PACKAGE 2(9days/8nights)



01 Arrive Zhangmu 01
02 Drive to Rongbuk River (via Tingri) 02
03-06 Trek to and around the Everest Base Camp area.  03-06
07 Drive back to Tingri.  07
08 Drive to Zhangmu 08
09 Morning in Zhangmu. Return to Kathmandu after lunch.  

This overland tour consists of two parts. In the first six days we go around in Lhasa and then drive to Tsedang. Gyantse and Shingatse via the Shalu Monastery. We will visit the Sakya Monastery the oldest and the biggest monastery of the Sakya sect. Trekking from old Tingri to the Mt. Everest Base Camp will be a long way. We organize the Yaks in the old Tingri, it will take about 5 days to the Everest BC. After one-day exploration in the Everest BC , we drive to the boarder city of Zhangmu via Shegar and exit.                   

PACKAGE 2 (16days/15nights)

Day Program Night
01 Flight ( Kathmandu Lhasa)  01
02-03 Sight seeing (DrepungSera Jokhang Monastery Barkhor Potala).  02-03
04 Drive to Tsedang in route Samye 04
05 Drive to Gyantse and visit Gyantse Monastery 05
06 Drive to Shigatse. Visit Tashilunpo Monastery 06
07 Drive to old Tingri via Sakya Monastery 07
08-12 Trek from old Tingri to Mt. Everest BC (Camp) 08-12
13 Explore Everest Base Camp 13
14 Drive to Shegar 14
15 Drive to Zhangmu 15
16 Exit  

( Precious Jewel of Snow ) 
A good late spring trek would be the highland route from Jumla to Simikot, the largest village in the remote Humla district. In May of 1993, the government of Nepal and China reached an accord that allowed the first treks across the border between the two countries. While it had been a route for Nepal into Tibet. Although it is primarily a pilgrimage trek to Mt. Kailash in Tibet, the trek to Humla, Nepal's highest, northernmost and most remote district is worth the trek by itself. The lower Himla, Limi valley and upper Humla Karnali valley are populated by Bhotias who trade extensively with Tibet vanished elsewhere. It is only near the remote Simikot, the district headquarters of the remote Humla district, that you will encounter people of other groups, mostly Thakuri and Chertis. The path north of Simikot allows tourist to cross the Tibetan border to the fascination tri-culture-trading town of Purang. Lake Manasarovar and Mt. Kailash, the sacred center of the Buddhist and Hindu Universe are only a days drive north .This route is preferable to long, tough overland journey across western Tibet and would draw many trekking to western Tibet.

PACKAGE 3 (22days/21nights) 

Day Program Night
01 Arrival Kathmandu check into hotel 01
02-03 Sight seeing around Kathmandu,Bhaktapur, Patan  02
04 Fly to Simikot begin trek  03
05-10 Trek, camping  04
11 Sher, camping  05-10
12 Burang, camping  11
13 Darchen, camping  12
14 Kora - Mt. Kailash, camping  13
15 Kora, camping  14
16 End of the Kora, camping  15
17 Lake Manasarovar, camping  16
18 Paryang  17
19 Drongba  18
20 Peigu Tso (Lake) 19
21 Zhangmu or Nyalam  20
22 Back to Kathmandu 21
22 Departure  

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